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What to Watch on YouTube in Quarantine

YouTube has some terrific free channels with exclusive content being posted during the shelter-in-place/Quarantine timeframe we’re in. Here are some suggestions for you:


How much money do chefs make?

If you’re a foodie and you haven’t had a chance to catch John Favreau’s film CHEF yet, then stop right now and go watch it.  We’ll wait.


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This must be Chef Anne Burrell’s Favorite Website

Chef Anne Burrell is one of those hosts on Food Network that really cares about the fans and home cooks, and does everything she can to encourage home cooking, learning about food, and that anyone can do anything – preparing food just Isnt’ That Hard.

Hence why she stars on WORST COOKS IN AMERICA and often wins the annual competition.

Basically, when it comes to food – she really does care.

Anne Burrell's Worst Cooks in America
Anne Burrell’s Worst Cooks in America

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The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love a delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie?

Web Watch tends to buy ours at the store, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the hard work that others put into baking us delicious treats.  In fact, as we type this we are anticipating our annual delivery of homemade cookies from some friends who pride themselves on making the BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER… but only choose to do so once a year, in order to make them even more special for those of us who receive them.

Are they good? Definitely.  Could they be better?

Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share
Martha Stewart’s Cookies:
The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share

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Supermarkets throw away $2,300 worth of food every day

Remember when Web Watch told you about FOOD EXPIRATION DATES?  All about how you can determine the shelf life of food?

And then we told you that it wasn’t just food that could expire, but that COSMETICS HAVE EXPIRATION DATES too?

Well, you at home aren’t the only people who pay attention to the SELL BY, BEST BY, or USE BY dates that you find on your local supermarket products.

It should come as no surprise that the supermarkets themselves do the exact same thing.  And throwing out all that allegedly “expired” food costs each supermarket, on average, about $2,300.

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Move over, Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale: there’s a new cake pan to consider

Parents and home bakers everywhere struggle with this problem every day.

Their kids want specialized character cakes, and the parents don’t want to violate Alton Brown’s credo of “no single taskers in the kitchen”.   You don’t want to be stuck with a specialized character cake pan, only to end up with just one cake decorating option available to you until the end of time.

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How To Build a Life-Size Gingerbread House (Recipe)

Who wouldn’t want to live in an edible house?

You wouldn’t have to worry about vacuuming the crumbs up off the floor.  Sleeping would be delightful, on a soft marshmallow cloud.  And repairs would be as easy as mixing up some royal frosting.

But if you really thought about it, building a 2000 square foot sized house entirely out of gingerbread can be a slightly daunting task.  But Web Watch found a site that can make this easier for you.

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Top 5 Restaurant Dishes That Should Never Be Served Ever Again

People say that running a bar or restaurant is one of the hardest careers that one can have.  In essence, you’re responsible for your customers’ happiness – which is completely different from being sure you provide good customer service.

People expect their food (or drink) to make them happy and content.  A good meal can bring a level of satisfaction that can only be met by very few other things in this world.  Web Watch will let you choose what those are for you.

Watching Top Chef, Iron Chef, or even the Next Food Network Star pale in comparison to MASTERCHEF, the program that takes “home cooks” and shows that complicated dishes can be made by anyone.