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Top 5 Restaurant Dishes That Should Never Be Served Ever Again

People say that running a bar or restaurant is one of the hardest careers that one can have.  In essence, you’re responsible for your customers’ happiness – which is completely different from being sure you provide good customer service.

People expect their food (or drink) to make them happy and content.  A good meal can bring a level of satisfaction that can only be met by very few other things in this world.  Web Watch will let you choose what those are for you.

Watching Top Chef, Iron Chef, or even the Next Food Network Star pale in comparison to MASTERCHEF, the program that takes “home cooks” and shows that complicated dishes can be made by anyone.

The Restaurant Manager's Handbook: How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful Food Service Operation
The Restaurant Manager’s Handbook:
How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful Food Service Operation

Which is why Web Watch had to laugh when we ran across THIS ARTICLE IN THE LA WEEKLY that identifies the TOP 5 THINGS RESTAURANTS SHOULD NEVER SERVE AGAIN.  And Web Watch agrees — when we have home chefs cooking up fancy dishes on TV, there’s no reason that restaurants should resort to any of these lame tactics to get our dining dollars.

Our palates are more refined; our expectations are higher.   These five menu choices just show sheer laziness on behalf of the chef, manager, and owner of any restaurant (or restaurant chain) that decides to serve these:

  • Bourbon glazed… anything.   When mall food courts across the country have a BOURBON CHICKEN outlet, that should be enough of an indicator that restaurants should take this off their own menus.
  • Raspberry vinaigrette.  See the above item, but replace “mall food court” with “fast food restaurant”.
  • Wasabi mashed potatoes.   Now this line item, Web Watch will question.  We like garlic mashed potatoes (when enough garlic is present to warrant the description).  We like gorgonzola mashed potatoes.  We like potatoes with stuff mixed in to make the standard mash a bit more interesting.  A potato by itself is rather bland – do something special with it.
  • Lobster macaroni and cheese.  Again, Web Watch questions why this is on the list.  We normally don’t care for mac-n-cheese, but jazzing it up with something not traditionally seen when served at home is fine with us.  But it better be good.
  • Truffle oil.  The LA Weekly article calls truffle oil the “fake boobs of food”.  We’ll have to let you click through to read the rest of the reasoning to decide for yourself whether truffle oil belongs on this list or not.

There have to be other items that you’ve seen in restaurants that you absolutely despise seeing these days.  What restaurant dish makes you cringe every time you see it listed on a menu?