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Most Popular Holiday Gifts for Employees

Bosses: are you looking for what type of corporate holiday gifts you should be handing out to your employees at the end of the year?

It can be tough to choose – many organizations have extremely strict limits on how much of monetary value an individual can receive as a gift.  Web Watch knows of one company that gave each employee a $50 gift card last year… along with the appropriate paperwork so the proper taxable amount was reported to the IRS.

Yup, it was the classic “here’s a gift, and don’t forget to pay taxes on it” scam that’s all the rage these days.

Something Corporate Shirt
Something Corporate Shirt

So even though many corporations are easing away from gift giving, if only to help avoid having their employees pay unnecessary and unexpected taxes on said gifts, LANDS END decided to release a 2012 HOLIDAY BUSINESS GIFT SURVEY that really got into the facts of what companies and bosses are trying to do with their annual gift giving.

What are staff expecting to receive that they would appreciate?

  • 27% said gift cards
  • 25%: apparel
  • 22%: food
  • 17%: cash bonus
  • 13%: portfolios, pens, or drinkware

Web Watch has received some unusual employee holiday gifts in the past.  One year was a pair of logo’d sweatpants.  Grocery store gift cards were a popular option for a number of years.  And then there was the new manager who really wanted to make an impression:  he bought a truck full of frozen turkeys, and handed them out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Because if there’s one thing people want to have two days before Thanksgiving, it’s a completely frozen turkey.  Good timing, that one was.

So what is the more unusual corporate gift you’ve ever received?