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How to Survive the Office Holiday Party

The Swingin' Christmas Party
The Swingin’ Christmas Party

Ah, the annual holiday office party. 

Typically, an open bar.  Music. Dancing. Canoodling in the coat closet.  Yes, they can be fun on so many levels… but you have to be careful.  Web Watch recalls attending an office party where the boss had to carry a passed-out employee out to a waiting taxi. 

Which brings up today’s question:  WHAT TO DO TO SURVIVE THE OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY?All you need to do is keep these few points in mind, and you’ll do just fine:

  • Don’t drink too much
  • Don’t eat food that looks like it’s been left out too long, especially at the office pot-luck.
  • Don’t ask for a raise if you’re drunk
  • Don’t dress inappropriately
  • Don’t vent
  • Don’t call in sick the next day.  Chances are the boss isn’t, so why should you?
  • Don’t bring an inappropriate Secret Santa gift.  Web Watch can attest to this, as we watched in horror as the boss eagerly stole what appeared to be a baby toy at the office gift exchange more than once. Needless to say, while the item they kept trying to keep was definitely a “toy”, it was not one intended for anyone under 21… if you know what we mean. 
  • Don’t hit on your office crush.  There will be plenty of other opportunities, the holiday party is not the place. 

All hope is not lost.  Just keep in mind that while the office party is a party, it’s an “office” party.  That means, keep things business-oriented, and you’ll be fine.

Besides, a survey by Ranstad showed that 93% OF OFFICE WORKERS WOULD RATHER FOREGO THE OFFICE PARTY IN EXCHANGE FOR MORE MONEY.  Maybe some employers will take this as an opportunity to offer more money in this economy instead of blowing it on passed plates and a kegerator.