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For owners, the most profitable section of a restaurant menu is the upper-right corner

Eating out at a restaurant — even at a fast food restaurant — can be frustrating at times.

Ever have this conversation at work or with your friends/family?

“So, you want to go out for lunch?”


“Okay, then where do you want to go?”

Look – you’re the one who said “let’s go out”, so why not try to have an idea or two in your head about some place to head out to?  Why do you always leave the suggesting up to one person who may not have wanted to decide themselves anyway?

“Oh, pick anywhere.  It’ll be fine.”

Then we’re going to the drive thru.  Happy?

Food Service Menus: Pricing and Managing the Food Service Menu for Maximun Profit
Food Service Menus:
Pricing and Managing the Food Service Menu for Maximun Profit

Chances are – not really.  Again, folks – the Fast Food Menu doesn’t change that often.  McDonald’s has had the same menu for years – get a Quarter Pounder with cheese, a medium fries and a Coke.  You don’t need to study the menu for 10 minutes trying to decide between the Chicken McNugget or the Big Mac.  You should have figured this out before you pulled up to the menu board.


  • They put the highest-profit, highest-margin items in the upper-right corner of the menu.  Why? That’s where your eyes go to first when you open the menu up.
  • If a dish has two portion sizes, the smaller/less expensive item may have a higher profit margin on it than if you had ordered the larger size. Here’s a tip: order the larger size and bring half of it home for tomorrow’s lunch.
  • Restaurants may not sell a lot of $50 entrees… but they’ll sell the crap out of the $28 “bargain” entrees sitting right next to that high-priced item on the menu.

There are a couple of other tricks up their sleeves too.  Such as after you’re done with the menu, pay attention to the music being played.  Classical music?  Be ready to pay more money than normal.

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