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This must be Chef Anne Burrell’s Favorite Website

Chef Anne Burrell is one of those hosts on Food Network that really cares about the fans and home cooks, and does everything she can to encourage home cooking, learning about food, and that anyone can do anything – preparing food just Isnt’ That Hard.

Hence why she stars on WORST COOKS IN AMERICA and often wins the annual competition.

Basically, when it comes to food – she really does care.

Anne Burrell's Worst Cooks in America
Anne Burrell’s Worst Cooks in America

And having watched her suffer through some really bad cooking on her gig on WORST COOKS IN AMERICA, when we ran across THIS SITE, we knew instantly that this would fast become her FAVORITE WEBSITE IN THE WHOLE WORLD:


Just scrolling through the horrors of home food prep should be enough to wonder what it was that people were trying to make that ended up being this horrible.  But it’s the accompanying comments that really seal the deal for us.

So how about it, Anne?  If you’re out there — let us know if you agree that SOMEONE ATE THIS is on your list of favorite websites, ever.