Funny Websites

Cake Wrecks

The CAKE WRECKS blog is simple, really.   Take a picture of a poorly-designed cake that was prepared at the local bakery or supermarket, upload it to the site, and mock it mercilessly on its spelling choices or bad art motifs.

It’s best when it shows the more creative side of cake decorating – Duff and the rest of the crew at Charm City Cakes have nothing to worry about here.  Cake Wrecks found a Star Wars-themed cake featuring Darth Vadar hovering over a newborn baby.  A cake decorated with a USB flash drive…instead of with the image store on the drive.  A Super Bowl-themed cake…drawn on a cake designed as a baseball-field.  

And nothing can compare with their five-photo gallery of cakes designed to look like feet.  Ugly, post-operative feet.