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Wedinator: What you DON’T want to see in your wedding album

Wedding Photography PosesWeb Watch has seen our share of wacky wedding photos:

  • There’s the “let’s take the disposable wedding cameras from the tables and take inappropriate naked photos” gag
  • The ever-popular “photos of the entire wedding party (as a group, and individually) licking the ice sculpture centerpiece” routine
  • And the “groomsmen wear gorilla suits to the reception” act.

Yup, Web Watch has been there for all of these.

But we can be glad that – when compared to the images seen on WEDINATOR – that the happy couple were usually part of the gag and were willing participants in the photos at some level.  Just like CAKE WRECKS and other photoblogs, Wedinator takes those unintentionally funny wedding photos and shares them with the world.

Something tells us that there is more to the story than meets the eye in some of these photos: