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Planning a Wedding? Here are some suggestion of things NOT to do…

Wedding Planning for Dummies
Wedding Planning for Dummies

Your wedding is going to be wonderful.

You’ve been planning it for months, if not years.

You know every little thing that you can do to make your wedding absolutely perfect.

Yet, what you don’t know is that every single idea you have that you think will make your wedding “cool” and “quirky” — you know, to show off how much fun you and your wedding are — is something that every other bride has already thought of doing….and has run into the ground into cliche-ville.

With that, here is A LIST OF THINGS NOT TO DO AT YOUR WEDDING.  Among them are:

  • Goofy Props at Photo Booths.  Photo booths?  That’s fine.  Everybody loves a good photobooth session. Just leave the props at home.
  • Pre-wedding Plastic Surgery.  It didn’t work for Heidi Montag’s marriage.  It won’t work for yours.
  • Strapless Dresses. Because every bride wants to look like they’re continually hunched over or pulling their dress back up in every photo.  You might as well be wearing a formal tube top.
  • 3-D Videography.  Really?  Do you know anyone who has watched their wedding video more than once? 
  • The “jump” or “crouch” photos.  The bride is having fun, the groom is just gloomy and brooding.  Been there, done that.
  • The Signature Drink.  Web Watch has been to weddings where the signature drink was “beer”.  Nothing wrong with that.
  • Butterfly Releases.  Throwing rice endangers birds.  Releasing butterflies is environmentally unsound.  Blowing bubbles makes everyone look stupid.  Silly String is flammable.  Why throw anything at the bride and groom anyway?  They just want to leave the party and get busy.