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Can you name 7 ways to mess up a wedding? Surprisingly “inviting Adam Sandler” is not on the list

Adam Sandler - They're All Going to Laugh At You
Adam Sandler – They’re All Going to Laugh At You

Web Watch has had some wonderful wedding memories:

  • There was the wedding at the bowling alley during the Stanley Cup playoffs
  • The wedding where the bride proudly proclaimed to everyone within hearing distance how she wasn’t going to consummate the marriage that night… and why.
  • Getting the entire wedding party to lick the ice sculpture as a photo opportunity for the official photographer…after pretty much all the other guests have already done the same thing.
  • That wedding where we had to arrive six hours early to clean the bathrooms at the reception hall

And then there was the wedding where the DJ was asked to play the first 20 seconds – and only the first 20 seconds – of this NSFW song during the reception:

Seriously, that was a wedding to remember. And all of the above — good friends, and good times all. 

And no, we won’t mention the engagement party where the groom-to-be publically and graphically declared his love for his bride’s bosom.  Because that was not a wedding, and therefore ineligible for this post.

Which brings us back to today’s topic:  SEVEN THINGS YOU CAN DO TO SCREW UP SOMEONE ELSE’S WEDDING.  We’ve already given you #8 on the list of “things not to do at a wedding” with the Adam Sandler thing — so remember, don’t do any of these things if you want to be invited back to the next soiree:

  • Telling an inappropriate story during the congratulatory video
  • Hitting the bride or groom in the face with a bag of rice
  • Being the drunk guy
  • Botching the best man speech.  A wedding is not a bachelor party.  (Again, see how Adam Sandler fits into this?)
  • Objecting
  • Bring a date that either hates or used to date the bride or groom
  • Trying to kiss the bride when you aren’t the groom