Survey says Jesus Christ will return in 2050. Also, reality TV is more important than religion

America in 2050
American in 2050

Over 1,500 young adults (age 21-26) in America were recently asked about WHAT THEY EXPECTED TO HAVE HAPPEN BY THE YEAR 2050.

40% of those surveyed said that they expect the second coming of Jesus to occur by 2050.

On the other hand, 31% said that they believe an asteroid will destroy the Earth in the same timeframe.

Some of the other items on the survey include:

  • 41% expect there to be a single worldwide currency
  • 71% expect cancer to be cured
  • 53% believe everyday space travel will occur for everyone

One newspaper asked David Silverman, spokesman for American Atheists, about the survey’s response of 40% saying saying that they expect Jesus to return. 

His reply?

“This just shows how ignorant people are and that our school system does not teach critical thinking, something that Britain does do.”

Mr Silverman’s quote brings up a survey done in Britain in 2009 showing that 2/3 of British teenagers don’t believe in God.  They said “family, friends, money, music, and reality TV” as more important than religion.