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Video Fun: Garfunkel and Oates (they really love Jesus)

Perhaps you’ve already have heard the sweet comedic songwriting stylings of GARFUNKLE AND OATES.

Garfunkle and Oates is a duo, consisting of Kate Micucci, who you may recall played the ukelele as Gooch on the TV show SCRUBS; and Riki Lindhome who has appeared on BIG BANG THEORY and a number of other TV shows and movies.  Together as Garfunkle and Oates, they are likely best know for their classic hit PREGNANT WOMEN ARE SMUG:

Did that leave you wondering where else could such talent go? Well worry no more, as Web Watch is here with a fuller list of delightful tunes for you to enjoy:

Garfunkel and Oates - Slippery When Moist
Garfunkel and Oates – Slippery When Moist


Web Watch knew you’d be curious. Selected lyrics included here for your amusement:

Walk the halls of my school with my purity ring
Unlike those other girls, I’ve got my morals in check
It was easy to do till I got a boyfriend
And pardon my French, but he’s cute as heck
And I made a pact
To keep my hymen intact
And Jesus and I are tight

Never learned about the birds and bees
I was taught to keep an aspirin in between my knees
Because the Bible says premarital sex is wrong
But Jason says that guys can’t wait that long
And I don’t want to lose him
To someone who’ll do him

I need to figure something out
Well, there’s a loophole in the scripture that works really well
So I can get him off without going to hell
It’s my hail Mary full of grace
In Jesus’ name, we go to fifth base

Oh, thank you for making me holy
And thank you for giving me holes to choose from
And since I’m not a godless whore
He’ll have to come in the back door



The College Try

Go Kart Racing (Accidentally Masturbating)

This Party Took a Turn for the Douche

I Don’t Understand Job (with Chris Hardwick)

F*** YOU (as heard, kinda, on the TV show SCRUBS. Web Watch thinks you’ll really like this song, because like like can lead to like like like)

Sex with Ducks