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What are the items you carry on your person every day? (They could save your life)

Have you ever heard of the acronymEDC?

It stands for EVERYDAY CARRY, and represents those few things that you always carry on your, no matter what.

For some people, it’s the standard — watch, wallet (with specific credit cards, shopping cards, insurance cards, family photos), cell phone, car key, house key.  A pocket full of change.  Maybe some lip balm.

Women have it a bit easier, as various purse sizes allow for a wide expanse of Everyday Carry items to be toted around like (literally) there’s no tomorrow.  Heck, one day we even watched a woman pull out a 1lb bag of coffee beans from her purse that she just happened to be carrying around with her for no observable reason that evening.  (Ask us for the full story, next time you see us out and about. It’s a hoot.)

Some of Web Watch’s friends insist on carrying switchblade knives of various deadly lengths.  Others prefer the more subtle Swiss Army Knife.

Practical Guide To Everyday Carry Gear: Increase your productivity, safety, and overall quality of life by optimizing your EDC gear
Practical Guide To Everyday Carry Gear:
Increase your productivity, safety, and overall quality of life by optimizing your EDC gear

So it all comes down to this:  WHAT’S ON YOUR EVERYDAY CARRY LIST?

You may be surprised what some people carry around with you.  That’s what EVERYDAY CARRY tries to document, with submitted photos of what various people carry on their person at all times.   Browse the gallery, and see if there are some things that make perfect sense to you, if only you had thought of them first.

  • A Bic (or Zippo) lighter
  • A more elaborate or self-winding watch
  • Mini-flashlight
  • Leatherman
  • USB memory drive
  • Pack of cigarettes
  • Sunglasses
  • Bottle opener

Of course, you could go a bit overboard and ensure that you’re always carrying THESE 100 ESSENTIAL EDC ITEMS, such as a stun gin or steel baton, latex gloves, “space blanket”, a deck of playing cards (Web Watch totally agrees with this one), and gum.  We do wonder about why this list would include an unlubricated condom and a tampon.  Do they mean that we should only be carrying just one of each?  Or that we should be carrying a supply of each?  One of each item will only take you so far.  Are they implying that as long as we make it through the day and use those, that we can replenish our supply anew for the next day?  So many unanswered questions here…

All that being said, if there’s one thing that Web Watch has learned over the years, is that you can’t go wrong putting a beer bottle opener on your keychain.  9 times out of 10, you’re the only smart one out there who can open everybody’s beers.  Suddenly, you’re everyone’s friend – and that makes it all worth it.