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Five items men should never wear, ever again

Take a good, long look at your closet, gentlemen.

Are there things there that you’re holding onto, just in case you may need it one day?

Old Halloween outfits, sports jerseys from old softball teams you played on?  Concert t-shirts for bands that have since broken up, that you can wear un-ironically for those jaunts to hipsterville?

You know we’re judging you when you wear that shirt from the 1996 Olympics.  We’re all wondering why you’re wearing a shirt (a t-shirt, at that) that’s over 15 years old.  We get it. You were there.  15 years is a long time to keep a t-shirt around; maybe it’s time for you to clear your closet out of some of that crap.   Besides, how many of those shirts do you really need?

Esquire Magazine's Handbook of Men's Style
Esquire Magazine’s Handbook of Men’s Style

That’s part of the philosophy behind this list of FIVE ITEMS MEN SHOULD TOSS FROM THEIR WARDROBE.

Getting rid of those graphic t-shirts is just one of the items on the list.  Grown men shouldn’t wear t-shirts with graphics on them, at least not for everyday wear, and certainly not when going out on the town to impress the ladies.  At the beach bar, that’s one thing.  At the real bar, that’s something else entirely.

Some of the other items on their list of FIVE THINGS TO TOSS OUT are JEAN SHORTS (or “Jorts”, as Web Watch has heard others say), and OLD, OUT OF STYLE SWEATERS.  You can get new ones, and there’s nothing wrong with going with solid colors rather than bad polyester color blocks or argyle-on-one-side-of-the-sweater patterns.

And if you don’t feel like throwing clothes that you feel are perfectly good away, then at least put them up on eBay, hold a garage sale, or donate to a local charity.

But whatever you do, don’t thank us for bringing this to your attention. Let your clean closet do the thanking for you.