It’s BACON – and it’s KOSHER for Passover!

Everybody is familiar with what “kosher” food is, right?  You see the little “circle K” or “circle U” on food labels as the indicator of that product meeting certain religious preparation standards.

For example, for the longest time Oreo cookies were never kosher – sweet tooths had to be satisfied by eating Hydrox cookies instead.

Passover, on the other hand, has a more special label and marketing behind it at the supermarket.  That’s where you may see a more elaborate display indicating foods that are “Certified Kosher for Passover” rather than being merely “kosher”.

Kosher for Passover requires the food to be made without ingredients that shouldn’t be eaten during the Passover holiday – this food, like Wonder Bread and cakes and most beers – all contain yeast.  And yeast is apparently evil of evils and must be disposed of before the Passover seder can begin.  All those foods that can’t be eaten during Passover are classified as “chometz”.

But guess what?  Bacon – and we’re talking full-on pork bacon, not that whimpy turkey bacon – can be classified and eaten as “Kosher for Passover”.

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Do you believe in evolution? You may be surprised who doesn’t

There are people who believe in evolution, and people who don’t.

The question is, which side of the fence do you belong to?

Why Evolution is True
Why Evolution is True


86% of Holy Water is Evil

When was the last time you blessed yourself with Holy Water?

Have you ever wondered where your Holy Water came from?  Or better – whether your Holy Water was any better, higher quality than other water that you may get from other sources?

7 In One Holy Water, Soil, Oil, Cross, Incense, Candle & Icon Big Jerusalem Set from the Holy Land
7 In One Holy Water,
Soil, Oil, Cross, Incense, Candle & Icon
Big Jerusalem Set from the Holy Land

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Is today a Jewish holiday?

One of the more confusing things about the school year is figuring out vacation calendars.

Teachers, faculty, and other school officials need to take into consideration many factors, including religious holidays, into their plans.  But it can be so confusing — when’s Hanukah? High Holidays? Arbor Day?

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What size rocks are used in stoning?

In some parts of the world, stoning someone for legal, immoral, religious-based beliefs or other reasons is an accepted method of execution – whether the rest of the world believes stoning to be reasonable or not is a question that Web Watch will let others debate.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift: The Hot Priest Calendar

If you’ve travelled to Italy, there are all sorts of souvenirs that you can bring back for your family and friends.

You can bring back some wine, some t-shirts, maybe even some olive oil or limoncello.

But Web Watch knows that these traditional gifts are not what you are looking for.  You want to be unique, and bring back something more exotic that will have your friends shouting from the rooftops, “BEST.  GIFT.  EVER.”

And what is this magic item?

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How often do you read the Bible? Apparently, not as often as you think

Web Watch knows that not everybody is religious.

There are those people who only go to church on Christmas and Easter (“C&E’ers”).  Some who only attend on High Holy Days.

There are people who attend Mass every Saturday night, if only because they have other things to do on Sundays.

Each person has their own religious beliefs, and everyone can practice their religion in the best manner for their personal spiritual well-being.  And we’re okay with that.

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Pierced or tattooed? The Church of Body Modification wants you!

Modify - uncensored edition

If you have a body piercing (ears, belly button, nose, lip, elsewhere), a decorative tattoo or scar — yes, scars can be decorative — or have had some type of non-medical-related surgery purposefully intended to change the way your body looks away from what it considered a traditional appearance, then you’ve participated in body modification.

There are all sorts of body mod websites out there, some of which – like BME.COM – we’ve talked about previously on Web Watch. 

Here’s a new one for you:  where do you turn when body modifications are a religious experience?