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Hate your body? Try a HUMAN UPGRADE

Upgrade Me: Our Amazing Journey to Human 2.0
Upgrade Me: Our Amazing Journey to Human 2.0

Do you remember the classic TV show, MAN FROM ATLANTIS?

It featured an actor with webbed fingers and toes, able to swim deep into the ocean to solve crimes.  Our recollection is that he had gills and could breath underwater like Aquaman, but there’s been a lot of alcohol in our system since then so we may be confusing two different characters.

But the webbed fingers and toes?  Those were real.

So what if you were also trying to be a world-class swimmer yourself?

What if having webbed appendages would really help you achieve that world-record setting time?  Would you have that surgery?

That’s the concept behind HUMAN UPGRADES, a company dedicated to the art of REALLY extreme plastic surgery. 

Since they also cover body modifications to boobs and genitals, you may want to tread lightly through their NSFW photogallery of successful alterations if you click over to their website.

What are some of the Human Upgrades available to you?

  • Webbed fingers, toes
  • SimpleNose: why have two nostrils, when one will do?
  • SimpleEar:  cleaning an ear can be so darn time consuming. Why not even out all those nooks and crannies into an ear that’s much easier to keep free of debris?
  • SimpleTooth: no more flossing!
  • Ariel: Built-in Bluetooth to your brain
  • Cooling: Built-in to keep your brain cool and running
  • 6th Finger: gives you the extra hand strength and grip you need to compete

There are others, of course.  And all real.  (They have the photos to prove it.)

So if you’re ready to improve your body to its utmost potential, check out HUMAN UPGRADES to define what you want to be for the 21st century.