What’s your Doggelganger? Find out using the human-to-canine pairing software

Adopt a Dog
Adopt a Dog

You know you want one.  Everybody does.

And you know the best way to get a dog is to adopt an unwanted or abandoned puppy from an animal shelter rather than to go to a breeder and pay more money than necessary.  Of course, if purebreds are your thing – then go for it, but if you listen to Bob Barker’s (and now Drew Carey’s) spiel at the end of every episode of THE PRICE IS RIGHT, you know that going to a shelter will give you the warm fuzzies – both literally and figuratively.

But the oft-heard question is “how do I know which puppy is right for me?”

That’s where the DOGGELGANGER can help.

Because it’s a well-documented subject of how owners and pets can look alike, Doggelganger users can upload a photo of themselves to find a dog that already looks like them.

After you upload the photo, you’ll need to align it to the “face identification zone” for optimal results – and when all is said and done, you’ll find a puppy that looks as close to you as you can get.

From there, you just need to head down to the local shelter or pound, and pick out the puppy that best matches your doggleganger.

Then go out and buy some Pedigree dog food.  Because, you know, they’re the ones who made the doggelganger possible.