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Muppets with Human Eyes will creep you out

Muppet Animal on DrumsAnimal on Drums

Wanna see something weird?

Somebody took the beloved Muppets and Photoshopped human eyes onto their heads.

Yes, these are MUPPETS WITH HUMAN EYES, not the standard ping-pong balls or other assorted stick-ons.

Web Watch isn’t sophisticated enough to explain why Muppets with real eyeballs look creepy — we’ll leave the technical talk about the uncanny valley to others.

Still, while some of the Muppets are particularly scary looking, some come out pretty much okay.

Like Miss Piggy and Statler and Waldorf look perfectly acceptable, while Elmo and Big Bird are downright menacing.

Web Watch is waiting to see what the site will do with Dr Bunsen Honeydew.  Meep!

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