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The Human Litterbox Bet

I do not know anyone who would be willing to take this bet.  It certainly would make for an interesting end to March Madness tournament betting, especially for those who are always looking for the ultimate bet payoff with one’s friends:  THE HUMAN LITTERBOX.

All the loser has to do is use a cat litterbox for a week instead of the toilet.

Sure, you’d have to figure out what to do about using the facilities at the workplace, but that could be easily arranged as litterboxes are fairly portable.  What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

Apparently, this is not a new concept.  Cats are writing advice columns on how to deal with messy humans, and Half-Bakery even has a suggestion on using kitty litter as a way to keep your bathroom clean between scrubs…and they’ve done the math in how humans and cats differ in pee volume.

I know what you’re thinking – someone did think that there was a practical reason to poop in a cat box.  GEM718 asked Yahoo Questions the following: “Can I Poop in My Cat’s Litter Box to Train her to Do So?  My kitten is 5 weeks old, and she just will NOT use her litter box. I needed to know if I were to take a dump in her litter box, would she get the idea?”

You’re just going to have to click the link to see the answer for yourself.