Do You Know Who Dogs the Dog Poo?

Let’s face it – picking up a bit of dog poop isn’t exactly the least humiliating thing one can do in public.

It has gotten to the point of public decency that if you’re walking your dog around town, you’re also pretty much carrying a plastic bag of poop with you.

“Hello, Fred – how’s it going?”

“Okay, Sam.  Say, would love to stay and chat with you – but I’m kinda carrying around a bag of my dog’s excrement right here, and if you wouldn’t mind…”

“Oh, certainly!  Go right ahead, I didn’t mean to stop you on your poop transport.”

But sadly, this isn’t always the case, is it?

Doggie Doo - the Pooping Dog Game
Doggie Doo – The Pooping Dog Game

Nope, sometimes you run into others as they’re out walking the dog, and they don’t have the doggie courtesy baggie with them.

And while you may joke around with your friends by giving them a clear Ziploc bag to scoop up that lawn target, at least you gave them the freezer Ziploc baggie, which has a bit more substance to it.

But it’s those crazy neighbors – the ones you’re not to fond of — that you want to impress upon the importance of picking up after their dog.

And that’s where NO DOG DO comes in.

It’s a convenient place to post videos and photos of those scoff-laws who dare to let their dogs poop anywhere and everywhere, without a care in the world to bother to pick up that turd.  Post the location of the foul poop-and-dash, and maybe a bit of crowdsourcing can encourage people to start picking up after their pets.

All you have to do is catch them in the act of ignoring the litter pickup on video, and presto — you’ve got a submission for the NO DOG DO website.