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I Just Made Love…but where? (insert Bob Eubanks joke here)

Newlywed GameFinally, the answer to that perennial Newlywed Game question can be proven once and for all.

“Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made whoopee?”

Remember the POOP THE WORLD site we mentioned a few months ago?  I JUST MADE LOVE is the exact same concept, but for love making instead of poo.

Just click on the world map to indicate where in the world you made love, and select from various love-making options (inside or outside, upside down or rightside up, etc).

Your click will be shared with millions of Internet voyeurs who claim to be interested in your input merely for scientific research purposes.

Best thing about the site?  When their server goes down (no pun intended), the error message proclaims: “Server overloaded, too many people are making love right now.”