What is the worst joke ever written?

What’s the worst joke ever written?

Henny Youngman could write a book about ’em.

Comedy, like many thinks in life, is subjective.  What’s funny to one person is definitely not funny to someone else.  Sometimes it’s not the line that’s said, but the way it’s being presented.  Mimes can be funny without saying a word.

Kids’ jokes are inherently not funny in and of themselves, but sometimes it’s amusing to hear children tell jokes that are clearly meant for an adult audience.

That's What She Said!
That’s What She Said: The Most Versatile Joke on Earth

None of this matters in a competition to find THE WORST JOKE EVER WRITTEN.  Or, at the very least, the worst joke prepetrated by non-comedians in such a manner that the original funny joke is no longer amusing or relevant.

It’s like watching the Super Bowl 20 years from now and wistfully remembering the WHASSUP! Budweiser commercial by having everyone in the room repeating WHASSUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! for 10 minutes and giggling like schoolgirls.

It was funny then, it was funny for about 3 months afterwards.  It’s not funny now.  It’s just sad.

And that’s the status of the joke THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID, or TWSS for short.

It was funny on The Office.  It’s occasionally funny in your office.  It’s definitely not something that’s funny anymore.  It’s a joke that has run its course, and is yet another phrase that should be banned from family gatherings and other public events.

Want to share it on the golf course with your buddies?  (“It’s in the hole!!!” // “that’s what she said”), then go ahead.

But in general public audience or at the Thanksgiving table?  Not so much.  You’re no longer 12-years-old, folks.  Grow up a little bit.