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The Funniest Movies Ever Made

If you were to ask 100 people what they thought was the FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER, you’d likely get 100 different answers.

Luckily, you don’t have to ask for an opinion on the matter when you can use MATH to calculate the answer.

Funny How To Websites

The best Stand-Up Comedy routines have Four Laughs per Minute (and other comedic tips)

You know what made the Class Clown funny? They knew how to deliver a maximum number of laughs to the classroom before they were kicked out and sent to the Principal’s office.

A good Class Clown knew they had a limited amount of time to deliver, and the best ones would knock it out of the park, every time. You know the ones – those stories that you’re still telling at the 25th or 50th class reunions (embellished over the years or not).

Today’s stand-up comedians don’t just instinctively know and understand how to create and deliver a joke. They work hard at their craft, tweaking and customizing each joke for maximum funny, over years and years of performances.


What is the worst joke ever written?

What’s the worst joke ever written?

Henny Youngman could write a book about ’em.

Comedy, like many thinks in life, is subjective.  What’s funny to one person is definitely not funny to someone else.  Sometimes it’s not the line that’s said, but the way it’s being presented.  Mimes can be funny without saying a word.

Kids’ jokes are inherently not funny in and of themselves, but sometimes it’s amusing to hear children tell jokes that are clearly meant for an adult audience.

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The Stupidest Game Show Answers, Ever

Game shows can run the gamut from educational (Jeopardy) to family challenge (Wheel of Fortune) to just plain silly (Double Dare).

And game shows have led to a number of common catchphrases that we still use today in other aspects of life:

  • Come on down!
  • X gets the square!
  • Big money, no whammies!
  • In the butt, Bob

Yet while we’re sitting at home watching and playing along with the contestants who are competing under-pressure, we KNOW that we always get the answers correct.

But under the pressure of the TV cameras, sometimes the contestants on the shows just get things a bit wrong.

Funny Internet

News flash: nobody can tell you’re being sarcastic via email (well, la-dee-freakin-dah)

Have you ever written a quick text message, Twitter comment, or email to someone – intended to be a joke – and have it be completely misinterpreted?

There’s a reason why emoticons have become so widespread :) .

It’s because on the Internet, nobody can really tell if what they’re reading is supposed to be taken at face value or if it should be treated like a joke.

Funny shopping Video

Who is Trader Joe? Meet the Man, the Myth, the Legend…

Trader Joe’s.

Those two words conjure up all sorts of feelings from those who frequent any of the Trader Joe’s specialty grocery stores around the country. Inexpensive (do not call it cheap) wines, candies, and prepared frozen foods from around the world, brought to you by pleasant, happy, Hawaiian-shirt wearing, bell-ringing employees.

Shouldn’t every company be like Trader Joe’s?

Funny News

More scientific proof that men are funnier than women (but your spouse is funny, too)

Web Watch has previously written about how MEN ARE FUNNIER THAN WOMEN before, so in some ways reporting on these latest findings is a bit like rubbing salt into a wound.

The difference in this survey is that the participants couldn’t consider any professional comedians in their answers… and even with that caveat, the results still came out the same.