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Name That Tune: The One Second edition

How well do you know your music?

You claim that you listen to the radio because you love to hear songs and not people talking, so it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.
Name That Tune
Name That Tune

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Video Fun: Behind the Scenes at MATCH GAME

Remember the other day when Web Watch shared with you the PRICE IS RIGHT BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO?

Those damn CBS folks decided to take the video down for some reason.  Seriously?  What’s up with that?

The Best of MATCH GAME
The Best of MATCH GAME

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The Stupidest Game Show Answers, Ever

Game shows can run the gamut from educational (Jeopardy) to family challenge (Wheel of Fortune) to just plain silly (Double Dare).

And game shows have led to a number of common catchphrases that we still use today in other aspects of life:

  • Come on down!
  • X gets the square!
  • Big money, no whammies!
  • In the butt, Bob

Yet while we’re sitting at home watching and playing along with the contestants who are competing under-pressure, we KNOW that we always get the answers correct.

But under the pressure of the TV cameras, sometimes the contestants on the shows just get things a bit wrong.

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Video Fun: Sing If You Can

Karaoke Revolution
Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke can be a fun.

Karaoke can be even more fun when it’s made into a game.

KARAOKE REVOLUTION was just the start, but there’s no danger in singing with friends in your living room.

Then came DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS and THE SINGING BEE (both regular and country versions), and KARAOKE BATTLE USA.  Sure, those games were fun… but again, where was the danger?  The risk? 

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How to win at Jeopardy!

Suck it, Trebek t-shirt
“SUCK IT, TREBEK” t-shirt

We’ve been on a bit of a Jeopardy! roll recently here at Web Watch, but that’s not going to stop us from throwing another bit of fun at our readers — mainly because we want to see you get onto the show… and once there, win.

While you may have to practice your buzzer techniques in the privacy of your own home, there’s nothing stopping you from spending months memorizing 3×5 index cards that cover the typical subjects — British royalty, geography, and state capitols.  That’s what Jeopardy! superstar Ken Jennings did, and look at how well it worked for him.


Search Engine Jeopardy

Secrets of the Jeopardy Champions
Secrets of the Jeopardy Chamions

Web Watch is going to followup yesterday’s JEOPARDY post with this one, regarding WHICH SEARCH ENGINE WOULD WIN JEOPARDY!?

First, let’s consider the average human contestant on the game show.  The average contestant only buzzes in and answers about 60% of the questions correctly.

Ken Jennings, Jeopardy! superstar, was able to buzz in with a whopping 79% success rate.

So how do today’s search engines fare?

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This year’s Jeopardy! online test starts February 8th, 2011

Prisoner of Trebekistan - a Decade of Jeopardy!
Prisoner of Trebekistan – A Decade of Jeopardy!

Many years ago, Web Watch had an opportunity to take the JEOPARDY! contestant test.

It wasn’t easy – 50 rapid-fire questions that were asked so quickly so as to not give you the opportunity to go back and correct answers that you thought you’d be able to answer later lest you lose track of the current questions being asked.

Needless to say, we’re sometimes not the best test takers under pressure.  We missed the cut to move to the next round by 2 wrong answers.

It happens. Maybe next time.

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December 18th is “WHO WANTS TO BE A….” Day!

FLUXXHave you ever played the card game FLUXX?

It’s very simple to play, as there aren’t any rules until you begin the game.  Just do whatever is listed on the cards, and you’ll figure out the rest.   Every game is unique as the played cards interact in different ways.

So why not take the same philosphy and apply it to a game show?