Funny Websites

You can never “use” enough “quote marks”, right? How many quotes are “too” many?

Quotation MarksThe BLOG OF UNNECESSARY QUOTATION MARKS is as simple an idea as its name implies.

Sometimes you run into signage that shows that the “people” who posted the sign really don’t “understand” how quotation marks are supposed to be “used”.Some people like to use quote marks for “emphasis”, while others are doing it because they don’t know whether the “word” they are using is the “right” one or not.

So, the next time you “run across” some quote marks “abuse” and “misuse”, be sure to take a “photo” and send it to the site with your own “pithy” comment.  Because once you “know” to be on the lookout for these types of typographical “errors”, they’ll “jump right out” at you.