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The 18 Types of Posts every Blogger should be Writing

Blogger Inside
Blogger Inside

If you’ve been reading Web Watch over the years, chances are that you also have an interest in also writing.

And, as Web Watch has been around for a number of years – the secret to attracting visitors to read what you write is to try to have something interesting to write about.  Web Watch covers a wide range of topics — hopefully, you’ve found some of it interesting along the way.

Which brings us to today’s topic – what SHOULD you be writing about in order to attract readers?  We’re going to share with you some of these 18 TYPES OF BLOG POSTS EVERY BLOGGER SHOULD BE WRITING as a public service.

And before you point it out in the comments below, we recognize that Web Watch doesn’t actually adhere to many of these 18 suggestions.  Yes, we may not practice what we preach — but we’re also not the type we like to preach to.  Besides, we wouldn’t listen to what we had to say anyway.

With that… on to the list:

  • Giveaways/Competition/Freebies – Leave a comment and win a prize. 
  • Rants/Opinionated posts – Find something to complain about, and go to town on the topic – be sure to have a good, expressive title to go with it
  • A Series of Posts – Break your commentary into multiple articles to keep visitors coming back
  • How-to Guides  – Share your knowledge
  • Personal Stories / Motivational posts – Write about something you know: yourself
  • Be funny – Good humor always gets passed around
  • Ask a question – You know how popular that Facebook “25 things” meme is?  All it’s doing is asking a question…
  • Be controversial – Ties into having an opinion, above.  But takes things to a bit more of an extreme.