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On November 19th – Take a Squat for World Toilet Day

How to use foreign toilets, including the squat toilet

The WORLD TOILET ORGANIZATION has designated November 19th as WORLD TOILET DAY

And what is World Toilet Day, you ask?  In an effort to raise awareness and improve sanitary conditions for people around the world, the World Toilet Organization has decided that merely talking about how bad some countries’ basic bathroom conditions are wasn’t enough.

They felt that an organized demonstration was the way to go, and November 19th is the date for everyone around the world to participate in THE BIG SQUAT.

Exactly what THE BIG SQUAT is in each locale is up to the local Big Squat organizers.  The important piece is that the partipants at the local events get a lot of press coverage for the World Toilet Organization by having as large a group as possible squat at the same time for one minute.

During that one minute squat, participants are encouraged to think about what sanitary conditions are like for people who don’t have clean running water, or don’t even have bathroom facilities of any kind and are forced to do their business in the street or the field.

Luckily, there’s no set time frame for when The Big Squat needs to take place in the local places, so organizers can squat as many times as they’d like in order to get their message across.