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The most ridiculous toilet ever made

They say that you get more money on home resales by investing your money in two places: the kitchen and the bathroom.

But sometimes, as you walk through people’s homes, you have to ask yourself what could have possessed someone to make the decisions they did on various home designs and features.

The Kohler Numi Toilet
The Kohler Numi Toilet

Case in point: the KOHLER NUMI TOILET.

For some, a toilet is a toilet is a toilet.  There shouldn’t be anything overly special about them, other than they do their intended job.

Which raises the question about the “features” that the NUMI has to offer, such as this one taken off the NUMI website:

Play your favorite music, FM radio stations, podcasts and more. Simply stream wirelessly with any device enabled with BLUETOOTH technology, store MP3 files to the SD card or plug in your device using an auxiliary cable.

Here’s the problem Web Watch has with this — how much time are you spending sitting on your toilet that you have the need to stream your favorite music or listen to podcasts while doing your duty?  Do you really want to be plugging your device into your toilet using an auxiliary cable?  Do you leave the cable dangling to the floor when you unplug?  Worse – how do you reboot the system if it needs some kickstarting?  Should we really be leery of any toilet that requires power to operate?

Our take is that if you really need to have a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, don’t get one that’s integrated into the toilet.  Get the Jawbone JAMBOX and just leave it on the counter.

Or better yet, place it outside, facing the door.  If you’re spending that much time in the bathroom, you may have other problems to worry about rather than listening to your music.