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The most ridiculous toilet ever made

They say that you get more money on home resales by investing your money in two places: the kitchen and the bathroom.

But sometimes, as you walk through people’s homes, you have to ask yourself what could have possessed someone to make the decisions they did on various home designs and features.

The Kohler Numi Toilet
The Kohler Numi Toilet

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How much money is made per music format sold?

We all own some music.

Whether it be strictly on digital downloads from Apple, Amazon, or other digital vendors; CD purchases, cassette tapes, vinyl — or, if you’re going super old-school, 8-tracks or even some 45 singles… owning music to be able to play on-demand, in the manner and format that most appeals to you, is what some would equate to living the perfect life.

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Where to get free, live music online

You can’t deny that Apple’s iPod had a defining effect on the technology and music industries.

Web Watch had been using other MP3 players for years before Apple came to the portable music party, but it was Apple’s ease of getting the music through the iTunes Store that solidified Apple’s place in history.

But there is some music that isn’t available in the iTunes Store, or Amazon’s Music Store, or Google Play.  And that can be frustrating to fans who are really looking to complete their collection of music from their favorite artists.

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Art as Music. Music as Art. (or, How to visualize a song)

Do you – or someone you know – suffer from SYNESTHESIA?

That’s the neurological condition where someone experiences one sense at the same time (or in place of) experiencing it in the traditional way.

One of Web Watch’s friends has this condition, and when they hear specific words, they also end up visualizing that word in front of them at the same time.  Some people see colors by smell, or can hear what tree bark sounds like by touching it.

Look, we know that the above isn’t the best explanation about what’s going on in some people’s heads, but the point is that some people just are better at visualizing things in a manner that the rest of us could just never understand.