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Awesome Quotes from Reviews of Disney-Pixar’s UP

While Web Watch did post a glowing review of Pixar’s latest film, UP – it seems that we were not the only ones with positive things to say about this Pete Docter film.

Here are some of the more interesting quotes from movie reviews that have been printed so far.

David Germain wrote this, in his article CANNES FESTIVAL OPENS WITH “UP”:

…the Pixar Animation gang finally feels it has made it to the grown-ups’ table with “UP,” the first animated movie to open the Cannes Film Festival.

The Oscars compartmentalize animated films into their own category. Audiences often do the same, lumping animation in as a genre meant mainly for kids.

But Pixar’s creative minds feel the choice of “Up” as the Cannes curtain-raiser signals that animation can stand alongside the best that live-action films might offer.

“There’s a perception that animated films are for kids. A lot of people have that, which I think is very unfortunate. The films are made by adults who have very adult concerns,” said Ed Catmull, president of Disney and Pixar’s animation studios.

“What happens now at Cannes is they’re recognizing it as a film. Not as a category, but as a really great film.”

Opening at Cannes is a start, but perhaps this is a sign that the industry believes the Academy was wrong in snubbing WALL-E last year in the Best Picture category, and that animated films — while allowed to have their own category to compete against other non-live-action entries — also deserve a shot at the bigger awards. 

Phil Villarreal wrote in the Arizona Daily Star a review entitled OK, one last post: ‘Up’ review excerpt:

“Up” is a Pixar pinnacle.

As thoroughly lovable as the movie is, most of the running time is a crushing letdown because it follows about 15 minutes of some of the finest filmmaking I’ve seen in my life

And Chris Tilly of IGN said in CANNES 09 UP REVIEW:

The result is a near perfect feature, a thrilling combination of humour, pathos, action and drama. Utterly original, endlessly inventive, and brilliantly crafted to appeal to old and young alike, it may well be Pixar’s finest feature yet, and when you consider the competition, that’s high praise indeed.