No joke: Your partner’s stinky farts may save your life!

Everyone farts.

And everyone tries very hard to prevent farting in public.  That’s a lot of pent-up gas.

So why the pressure to not break wind in front of others?  Is it society politeness? Is it embarrassment of being labeled a Stink-a-roo?  Being stuck in an elevator with a foul odor for an extended period of time?

Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers
Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers

According to a STUDY BY THE UNIVERSITY OF EXETER’s MEDICAL SCHOOL: not only is farting generally good for you — after all, that gas has to go somewhere, right? — FART SMELLS are being proven to also be good for you.

How good?  Would you believe that smelling farts could help ward off cancer?  Strokes?  Even heart attacks!

Of course, they’re still researching the distribution methods of farts to derive the best benefits for all.  Do they say you should fart in your partner’s face in the name of science?  Not particularly.  The study is still in the early stages, and they’re trying to figure everything out.

But they’re confident with their research about the fouler-smelling the fart, the more beneficial it is to those around you.

So go ahead – let those farts loose.  And instead of saying, “excuse me”, you can say “you’re welcome – I just saved your life.