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What your cat’s meow means

Do you know what your cat wants?

Yes, every cat basically wants to be left alone – we’re only there to provide food, water, and occasionally clean their litter box.  We are there to cater to a cat’s needs.

But once in a while, a cat will deem it necessary to communicate with their human caretaker.

Cat Butt Magnets
Cat Butt Magnets

So WHAT DO YOUR CAT’S MEOWs MEAN?  Let’s take a look at what the ASPCA had to say about it in their interpretation:

First, cats don’t meow for the sake of meowing.  They seldom want to communicate with other cats in the same manner that dogs like to bark at each other.  No, cats are usually the silent type.

But they have learned, like fussy infants, that a well-placed meow can be used as an attention grabber.  Cats use meows to get their human targets to get them food, play with them, or rub their bellies.

Are there other sounds that cats make that you should be aware of?  How about chirps, chatter, a hiss, or an anger wail?  Each of these sounds have distinct reasons for being.

But a meow? That one is for you.