Professional Tennis vs Drug Use: Who’s winning?

Web Watch has always thought that it would be interesting to see an “all drugs allowed” Olympics.

Let anyone who wanted to compete fire up the latest steroid or health enhancement and duke it out.  Everything would be on the up-and-up and open — which would be the key. All competitors would have to openly admit to what they were doping and be tested to prove it.

But you could do whatever you want.  In that type of wide-open sporting environment, let’s break some records with an asterisk to see what the human body could be stretched to do if given the chance.

Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports from the Nineteenth Century to Today
A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports
from the Nineteenth Century to Today

It is, we’re sure, a silly idea.

No athlete in their right mind would sacrifice the opportunity to play and win while clean if they have the option. It’s all about the purity of the sport. The drive to win without any enhancements at all.

The pride of doing it all on ones own.

Which makes the TENNIS HAS A STEROID PROBLEM blog a bit interesting.  Especially when the leading tennis players all loudly express a desire for more drug testing in their sport.  Regardless of the total dominance they’ve shown over the years, the top-ranked men all say that they’re drug free and are eager to prove it.

So WHAT SPORTS HAVE HAD THE MOST DRUG INFRACTIONS?  It all depends on what year you’re looking at.

According to the 2010 anti-doping agency report posted on the site:

  • Powerlifting had 24 violations
  • Table tennis had 12 violations
  • Gymnastics had 5 violations
  • Dancesport had 3 violations
  • Tennis had 3 violations

Let’s look at that again:  table tennis and gymnastics both had drug violations, as did DANCESPORT.

Makes you look at DANCING WITH THE STARS a bit differently, doesn’t it?