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The latest sport craze? Competitive Endurance Tickling

New sports come and go.

Remember that Trampoline-Basketball hybrid that was filmed at Universal Studios a while back? It never really caught on.

The most popular sports, you see, are ones that people can watch the pros play on TV (golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, football) and then later get together with their friends and play themselves.

Lacrosse hasn’t really caught on with the mainstream, but its getting there.

Fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler
Fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

But TV execs have made game shows out of childhood games.

Remember that Killer Musical Chairs game entitled OH SIT!.  Yeah, that didn’t really last very long.  Spelling bees make it on ESPN.

But this latest athletic sport – COMPETITIVE ENDURANCE TICKLING – is something that Web Watch believes we can all get behind.

Competitive Endurance Tickling is an art project/sport created by JANE O’BRIEN MEDIA and it’s fairly straightforward:

Suited for lean muscular athletic guys (ages 18-25 only) who are honestly ticklish… in best cases – hate to be tickled.

And hey – it’s an open competition that not only anyone can apply to be a part of – but if you’re selected, you’ll earn $1500 and a paid trip/hotel out in Los Angeles for a weekend!  What could be an easier job opportunity than this?

But enough talk.  Why not take a look at what COMPETITIVE ENDURANCE TICKLING is all about:

So here’s the question for you: how long can YOU go being tickled?