Save the environment: Pee in the Shower! (Everyone’s doing it!)

So remember a while back when Web Watch told you HOW MANY WOMEN ADMIT TO PEEING IN THE SHOWER?

Apparently, we were ahead of the pack with that information, as you may have guessed with this week’s revelation about the benefits that PEEING IN THE SHOWER can bring.

Don't Pee in the Shower
Don’t Pee in the Shower

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Hashtag Activism and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

First – before you read any further, if you have either enjoyed the celebrity ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE videos or have participated in making a video yourself…. and if you have not already made a donation to ALS – then GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE ALS WEBSITE AND MAKE THAT DONATION.

And don’t think that just because you didn’t dump a bucket of ice on your head in the name of raising awareness for a charity that’s fighting the good fight for thousands of people, if you laughed even once at the antics of anyone who did do it – you owe ALS money.

I Survived the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
I Survived the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


86% of Holy Water is Evil

When was the last time you blessed yourself with Holy Water?

Have you ever wondered where your Holy Water came from?  Or better – whether your Holy Water was any better, higher quality than other water that you may get from other sources?

7 In One Holy Water, Soil, Oil, Cross, Incense, Candle & Icon Big Jerusalem Set from the Holy Land
7 In One Holy Water,
Soil, Oil, Cross, Incense, Candle & Icon
Big Jerusalem Set from the Holy Land

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Men still don’t wash their hands in the office bathroom

Office bathrooms are usually a stinky, awful mess.

You have any number of people who don’t wipe down counters, pick up paper towels off the floor.  And is there really a need in an adult environment to have to post a sign that says, “do not flush paper towels, they will clog the toilet”?  How many people are really doing this?  Who’s taking paper towels into the toilet stall in the first place?  Are they really that much more comfortable than the typical office toilet paper to use?  Really?  REALLY?

Mickey Mouse Hand Wash
Mickey Mouse Hand Wash

10 Things food Science shopping

10 Toxic products you should avoid

Do you read product labels when you’re making household purchases?  Web Watch does try to avoid buying food that contains high fructose corn syrup or has “sugar” listed on the label — but we’re a creature of habit, and Pop Tarts taste so darn good.

But we don’t really take the time to read all those other funky labels and warnings that seem to be applied to practically everything we get nowadays.  Do we care that something was made in a plant that also processes “soy”, “nuts”, and “dairy products”?  Eh.  Not so much… but we know some folks who do care, so we’re not going to make fun of them for this.


Can urinals really save water? Depends on how much water a urinal uses…


How much water can a waterless urinal save a home or organization?

Well, it mostly depends on how many times it ends up being flushed.