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Women Admit they Pee in the Shower

Glamour Magazine recently reported the RESULTS OF A SURVEY THAT ASKED 1,000 WOMEN ABOUT THEIR BATHROOM (and other gross) HABITS.

Why would they do this?  Because after Kelly Clarkson admitted that she pees in the shower, peeing in the shower became the “it” thing to do.

How to Pee Standing Up
How to Pee Standing Up

Here are the “quick and dirty” results:

  • 32% said they go barefoot in the gym
  • 75% said they have peed in the shower (doctors reviewing the survey results encouraged this behavior)
  • 24% do not wash their hands every time after using the bathroom
  • 33% do not shower every day
  • 43% do not brush their teeth every night
  • 85% have reworn dirty clothes
  • 52% have reworn dirty underwear
  • 40% have eaten food that has fallen on the floor
  • 43% do allow their bare butt to touch a public toilet seat