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Why Fat Women Are Better

The guy-oriented cable channel SPIKE TV has put out their A-to-Z GUIDE FOR CHASING PLUS-SIZED CHICKS, and why the larger ladies are worth having.  Yup, all 26 letters are accounted for.  I’ve selected a few here to entice you – check the link for the full alphabet.

B is for Business Class
When you date a big girl, your days of flying coach are over.

E is for Easier
Chances are, the reason why you’re chasing larger chicks is because it’s usually easier to snag one, and they are oh-so-grateful.

H is for Hot Friend
Girls with a few extra pounds almost always have hot female friends.

K is for King-Sized Bed
A larger lady needs a larger bed.

N is for Never Say Never
You have to try most things at least once, so don’t knock being with a big girl until you’ve tried it, and don’t hate on guys that do.

Q is for Quantity over Quality
It’s like a buffet. The quality of food is terrible, but you can eat as much as you like and leave very satisfied.