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My Fault, I’m Female – it’s like FML, but for women

I Am Woman

I am Woman

Remember F***MY LIFE (aka “FML”) that Web Watch told you about last year?

That’s the website where people bitch and complain about how their life sucks more than yours, and everyone gets to vote on their favorite F-ups?

Apparently, that site wasn’t catering directly enough to women.

Some women wanted a more serene place to be than the rough-and-tumble world of FML. 

So they created MY FAULT, I’M FEMALE to allow themselves a place to vent about all their women troubles.

MFIF is where you’ll find stories about glass ceilings and the old boy’s network at work; doctors, policemen, and other professionals dismissing a woman’s opinion as (wait for it…) “just a woman’s opinion”; and other misogynistic, pig-headed ways that women are treated unfairly while they try to go about their every day lives.

Now, before you go about saying “but there already is an FML site that’s perfectly fine and dandy, why do we need this one just for women”, we’ll just share their reasoning for the site here.  It should be make perfect sense why MFIF is needed:

40 years after the Equal Pay Act in Britain, women still earn 17% less than men for full-time and 36% less for part-time work. This blog also seeks to expose sexism with accounts of discrimination, lack of respect for maternity rights, employers who don’t care about work-life balance, and disparity in pay.

We want to highlight what is still an entrenched problem in our workplaces, streets, and homes, while sharing stories on a non-judgmental platform.