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Women of the world – a better pee solution for you!

No Boys Allowed - 2 Girls Using the Men's Room
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It’s a common sight at concerts, festivals, or other public events — long lines at the women’s bathroom.

Yeah, we know – women take longer in the restroom than men do.  Bathroom equality in new buildings, and all that.

Web Watch remembers one Jimmy Buffett concert where the entire backside of the bathroom building had been co-opted by girls who were just looking for a place to pop a squat.  They didn’t care that they were peeing in full view of drunk Buffett fans — they were just happy that they had a place to go.

Seeing a lineup of 30 girls all peeing against the side of a cinderblock wall is quite a site.  Power in numbers, indeed.

Which is why the PEE BETTER has been invented. Because there has to be a better way for women to pee in public.

Since women obviously have no qualms about peeing anywhere they need to – just like men – what they do lack is the facility that makes it easy for women who just need to pee to do so, quickly and easily.

Men have the trough they could use – no need for a dedicated urinal location, just pee in a line next to some other bloke.  But the PEE BETTER is a four-user touch-free urinal for women.  To use it, women just straddle the pee space just as they would for normal circumstances and go.

But there is no separate stall configuration — just a four-squatter and some available handrails for support. Aye – that’s the killer app here, the handrails.  

But the whole idea is that for some women, this would allow for a quick in-and-out bathroom trip in a significantly more hygenic way than squatting at the side of a building can be.  There are three versions: 

  • The Pollee Shy (has some additional walls for privacy)
  • The Pollee Topless (has half-walls for a bit of a view, yet still affording some discretion)
  • The Pollee Naked  (let it all hang out)

So ladies — would you pee in a women’s-only urinal? Even if it was sort-of out-in-the-open like the PEE BETTER photos makes it look like it is?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below…