Save the environment: Pee in the Shower! (Everyone’s doing it!)

So remember a while back when Web Watch told you HOW MANY WOMEN ADMIT TO PEEING IN THE SHOWER?

Apparently, we were ahead of the pack with that information, as you may have guessed with this week’s revelation about the benefits that PEEING IN THE SHOWER can bring.

Don't Pee in the Shower
Don’t Pee in the Shower

That’s because there are two University of East Anglia students who are trying very hard to get EVERYONE TO PEE IN THE SHOWER.

They say that if the can get everyone at their University to pee in the shower instead of flushing their toilets that they can save 26 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water.

But apparently, peeing in the shower is either something that NOBODY DOES or it’s something that EVERYONE DOES, depending on who you ask.

ACCORDING TO A “HAVE YOU PEED IN THE SHOWER” SURVEY, 62% said that they have, in fact, peed in the shower at some point in their lives.

Breaking that down a little bit more:

  • 7.1% said they pee in the shower every time
  • 13.7% said they pee in the shower “most” of the time
  • 32.5% said they pee in the shower “some” of the time
  • 46.8% said they’ve only peed in the shower “once or twice”

So, which side of the pee debate are you on?  And are you more or less likely to do this at home or while away from home?  At the gym (gosh, we hope not)? At a hotel?