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Shopping tip: Beauty products and cosmetics have expiration dates

Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me
Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me

Web Watch has talked about how much trouble that cosmetics can get you into, but that’s not going to stop women and men from buying beauty products on a regular basis.

But some people end up buying more than they need (hello, Costco and Sam’s Club shoppers! We’re looking at you!  And those Extreme Couponers with their hoard).

Which is why Web Watch thought we’d share a small list of EXPIRATION DATES FOR VARIOUS BEAUTY and COSMETIC PRODUCTS.

We’ve already learned that aftershave has an expiration date (Thanks, Norman!), but here are some other date ranges that you might want to be aware of as you plan your next year’s budget:

  • body lotion can last two to three years.  Seriously, though – if you’re into body lotion, chances are a single bottle isn’t going to last anywhere close to even one year.
  • Shampoo and other shower/bathing products:  three years
  • Sunscreen — check the package.  This stuff does expire much sooner than you’d expect, and usually the week before you take your next sunny vacation
  • Lipstick:  two to three years
  • Deodorant:  up to two years.  Again, who’s keeping their Arridd XX-DRY in their cabinet that long?

Mascara and other eye-oriented liquids?  These you may want to be more careful with as they can expire in just a few weeks after purchase compared to other cosmetics.  Especially as your eyes could be prone to infections, you may want to cycle through these products as their expiration dates roll by, just to be on the safe side.