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Do you believe in evolution? You may be surprised who doesn’t

There are people who believe in evolution, and people who don’t.

The question is, which side of the fence do you belong to?

Why Evolution is True
Why Evolution is True

If you believe a survey by PEW, you’ll know that NOT EVERYBODY BELIEVES IN EVOLUTION at all.

From a political viewpoint:

  • 65% of independent voters believe in evolution
  • 43% of Republicans believe in evolution (this is down significantly from the 2009 version of this survey — does this mean that Republicans are becoming more and more likely to not belive in evolution?)
  • 67% of Democrats believe in evolution

From a religious viewpoint:

  • 33% of white evangelical Protestants believe in evolution vs 78% of “mainline” Protestants
  • Almost 70% of white Catholics believe in evolution vs 53% of Hispanic Catholics