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Laughing at Fanny Packs

A friend of mine has many rules about how to live a happy life. 

“Don’t wear denim shorts.”
“Don’t bother Daddy during the World Cup.”
“Don’t wear a fanny pack.”

The people at FANNY PACK ANTICS agree with my friend completely, and their photo gallery of tourists-gone-fashionably-wrong is an indication that there is something very, very troubling going on in today’s airports, bus terminals, and tourist destinations.

Their goal is to photograph every fanny-pack-wearing creature and post the horror of this image for the world to see.  This is probably the only place you’ll see a photo of tourists taking photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, instead of photos of the Tower itself.  That one make me laugh, as everyone was trying to do their best “hey, watch me hold the tower up. it’s hysterical!” pose.