Do you LOVE to cook? That’s what three in ten people say about themselves

Kiss the Cook
Kiss the Cook

Web Watch knows our way around a kitchen, even if it is to help someone else prepare a meal.  That’s because we know that people approach the kitchen as one of three groups:

  1. Some people love to cook. It’s in their blood.  These are the people you always are sure to invite to the local potluck dinner or bake sale.
  2. Some people don’t mind cooking – they just know how to make food that is edible enough to survive on.  It won’t be fancy, but don’t expect anything spectacular.  The majority of people out there should fall into this category.
  3. And there’s the third group that doesn’t know their way around a kitchen.  Web Watch knows someone who claims to be so inept in the kitchen that they can burn a pot of water.  (They tend to order out a lot.)

So it should come as no surprise that a recent Harris Poll of over 2000 adults discovered that THREE IN TEN AMERICANS (about a third) LOVE TO COOK

Here’s the breakdown of that stat:  79% of adults said they liked cooking, while only 30% said they loved cooking.  49% said that they only enjoy cooking when they have the time.  14% said they did not enjoy cooking at all, and 7% of survey respondents said that they did not cook at all.

Other survey results were:

  • 41% make home-cooked meals at least 5 times a week, while 29% do so at least 3 times.  19% claimed to cook at home just one or two times a week.  11% almost never makes meals at home.
  • Older Americans cook at home more often than younger age groups, 52% vs 33% respectively.
  • 75% say that they use pre-prepped or frozen ingredients, microwave ovens, and other time-saving tools.
  • 22% are interested in trying new foods and techniques
  • 20% of those responding said that food-related articles and cooking shows give them inspiration to be creative to come up with their own recipe modifications.