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The Lindsay Lohan and Shamwow Connection


Linsay Lohan and Vince “the Shamwow Guy” Offer have something in common.

No, it’s not being arrested and having their mugshots plastered all over TMZ and other websites (although that is a good guess from any reasonable person).

No, they are appearing together in a new movie called UNDERGROUND COMEDY 2010 to be released later this fall.

Catch the trailer here:

The film also features Michael Clark Duncan and Joanna Krupa, and is being billed as a “raunchy over-the-top sketch comedy” film.  UNDERGROUND COMEDY 2010 was written and directed by Shamwow Vince, so this will give us a chance to see if he has any writing (Slap) chops to go along with his infomercial prowess.  (Get it?  Slap chops?  Ha!)

If it matters, his directorial debut was for UNDERGROUND COMEDY MOVIE, which critics calledthe most offensive movie ever made.” (that quote is from LA Weekly)

Here is something that Vince did for Eminem.  So maybe Vince does have a post-informercial career ahead of him.