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Want to star in a Hollywood Movie? Try YOOSTAR

Yoostar video game movie systemRemember that Drew Carey show with Drew and all his funny friends from WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY doing all their improv stuff in front of a green screen?

Wouldn’t it be fun to do that at home, but instead of having to improvise comedy, all you have to do is insert yourself into a real movie and act out the scene yourself?

Now’s your chance to YOOSTAR!The Yoostar system comes with a video camera, a green screen, some fancy (yet easy-to-use video editing software), and tons of 1-to-3 minute-long video clips from famous scenes.  All you have to do is act, edit, and playback your acting chops.

Yoostar has already gotten rights to use about 8,000 clips from Paramount, MGM, Universal, the WB and Sesame Workshop, and with more being released on a regular basis, there should be something for YOO to STAR in.  (Most recently released scenes include Caddyshack, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Ferris Bueller, and Animal House).

Unlike Guitar Hero or Rock Band where musicality isn’t a requirement to be good at it, Yoostar requires some real acting chops to pull off a good scene.  No, there aren’t any points to score, but Yoostar can really make a party more interactive then seeing someone twiddle a plastic guitar around all night.