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How to watch the original STAR WARS (perfect restoration edition)

Everyone has a favorite STAR WARS moment, whether it be catching it with your dad for the very first time, sharing it with your kids, reenacting the fighting scenes, pretending to kiss your sister without knowing it was your sister…

But that original 1977 VERSION OF STAR WARS has proven to be lucratively difficult to find.

Until now.

Original 1977 Star Wars DVD
Original 1977 Star Wars DVD
(GOUT Edition)

Thanks to a dedicated band of online digital artists, they’ve been able to hack together what they’re calling the ULTIMATE DESPECIALIZED VERSION OF STAR WARS.

Take a look at what they’ve done here:

They’ve covered it all – from color corrections (which are significant, as you can see in the above clip), to restoring scenes to their original content, upscaling for today’s HDTV displays — these hard-workers deserve high praise for preserving one of cinema’s greatest achievements in storytelling and sci-fi masterpieces.

What do you think – should filmmakers be allowed to alter their films once they’ve been released? Or should they be able to go back and continually tweak and improve upon the imagery (and perhaps even tweak the plots a little bit via CGI) if they have the chance to do so?

Web Watch?  We applaud our digital artisans – and hope that the downloads contained on that YouTube page stay active until we can grab a copy for ourselves.