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What’s more practical than a Star Wars Princess Leia Bikini?

We’re now deep into New Year’s Resolution time, with the most popular resolution being “to lose weight”.

And what better way to motivate your man (or your woman) than encouraging with a “if you meet your goal, I’ll / You’ll wear THIS” reward?

Hey, for the movie nerd in your life, that’s the best kind of motivation there is!  It’s all about gamification.

Star Wars Hello Kitty T-Shirt
Star Wars Hello Kitty T-Shirt

So what are we talking about?

Remember when Web Watch told you about the Princess Leia slave bikini? We all know that nobody really wears that outfit out in public under normal circumstances.  It’s more of an inside the house (or at a convention) type of outfit.  Not something that you’d actually wear where you want to be.

That’s where BLACK MILK CLOTHING can help you out with their line of STAR WARS-themed clothing, like these WOMEN’S SWIMSUITS inspired by R2D2 and C-3PO.

R2D2 / C3PO Star Wars Swimsuit
R2D2 / C3PO Star Wars Swimsuit

Now Web Watch thinks these swimsuits aren’t really designed for “swimming”, if you know what we mean.  “Hand Wash Only”? Really?  Does that mean “don’t go in the water at all while wearing them”?

Probably not.  Probably has something to do with using fancy detergents instead of standard washing machine stuff.

But regardless of all that – if you have a Star Wars fan in your relationship, you may want to check out Black Milk’s complete Star Wars line of women’s clothing, including leggings and dresses, that can make anyone want to Jump to Lightspeed in 4 parsecs, pronto!