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How to watch the original STAR WARS (perfect restoration edition)

Everyone has a favorite STAR WARS moment, whether it be catching it with your dad for the very first time, sharing it with your kids, reenacting the fighting scenes, pretending to kiss your sister without knowing it was your sister…

But that original 1977 VERSION OF STAR WARS has proven to be lucratively difficult to find.

Until now.

Original 1977 Star Wars DVD
Original 1977 Star Wars DVD
(GOUT Edition)

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Video Fun: Star Wars in Real Life

This is what it would look like if we lived in the Star Wars universe today:

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How much does it cost to book a band?

A while back, Web Watch told you HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO BOOK THE DAN BAND, as seen in The Hangover.  Or, if you really want to relive the entire HANGOVER movie trilogy, Web Watch mentioned how much it would cost you to BOOK ZACK GALIFIANAKIS or KEN JEONG.

But maybe, just maybe – you’re a bit more sophisticated than that.

Maybe you have $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket and you don’t know what to do with it.

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What’s more practical than a Star Wars Princess Leia Bikini?

We’re now deep into New Year’s Resolution time, with the most popular resolution being “to lose weight”.

And what better way to motivate your man (or your woman) than encouraging with a “if you meet your goal, I’ll / You’ll wear THIS” reward?

Hey, for the movie nerd in your life, that’s the best kind of motivation there is!  It’s all about gamification.

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Video Fun: Gotye parodies I used to Know

Somebody That I Used To Know
Somebody That I Used To Know

Sometimes it takes a little time for proper parodies to make it out into the mainstream.

Today, Web Watch presents some of the more creative takes on GOTYE’s SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW music video. Enjoy.

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Can you summarize your favorite movie in 140 characters?

Can you SUMMARIZE YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE in 140 characters or less?

That’s the challenge that the NEW YORKER presented to their readers the other day.  More specifically, especially as STAR WARS celebrates its 35th birthday, readers needed to summarize the plot to STAR WARS.

All submitted to Twitter (which is really the only way to run a meme like this), here’s a sampling of what readers came up with:


Eddie Wong has never seen STAR WARS. What movies have YOU never seen?

Star Wars Blu-RayStar Wars on Blu-Ray

Eddie Wong lives in Tokyo.

Tokyo, the mecca for pop culture craziness.


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PSA for the ladies in time for Comic-Con: Please stop wearing the Princess Leia Slave costume

Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume
Buy the Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume

This week at Comic-Con 2011, news organizations are likely to focus – at one time or another – on the cosplay phenomenon…. especially with what the ladies wear.

Women are using ComicCon as an opportunity to wear their “Sexy Halloween Costumes” more than once a year, especially if their costume of choice involves any type of sexy television character, sexy cartoon character, sexy literary character, sexy sci-fi character, or any other appropriate costume that can have “sexy” put in front of it.