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The 15 Worst Movie Mistakes of ALL TIME

Movie Mistakes
Movie Mistakes

One of the very first websites that Web Watch talked about that gained a lot of traction from our fans was MOVIE MISTAKES

We’ve stopped counting the times that Web Watch has been stopped on the street over the years by readers who still list Movie Mistakes as one of their top favorite sites, after hearing about it from Web Watch. 


We know you don’t believe us, as we’ve talked about literally thousands of sites here on Web Watch, but it’s true.  Movie Mistakes are really, really popular.  Go figure.

Which brings us to today’s link:  the TOP 15 WORST MOVIE MISTAKES IN HISTORY.

  • The dude in the t-shirt behind Jack Sparrow in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN
  • The broken window in SPIDERMAN
  • Brad Pitt’s plate of food in OCEAN’S 11
  • The bus sign in SPEED
  • The flying dude in STAR WARS
  • The moving mole in TITANIC
  • Those LORD OF THE RINGS buildings
  • The helpful JURASSIC PARK stagehand
  • Random bullets in PULP FICTION
  • Weird faces in MATRIX: RELOADED
  • The magical, missing bike horn in GOONIES
  • Updated maps in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and INDIANA JONES instantly dries off
  • GLADIATOR’s gas-powered chariots